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آیکون قوطی فلزی

Metal container

High quality metal containers and beautiful design in various sizes and shapes
ظرف پلاستیکی

Plastic container

Plastic containers produced with high quality row materials and beautiful design
محصولات روغنی

Oil product

A variety of oil products such as grease and lubricating oil with excellent quality
مواد افزودنی روغن

Oil additive

Oil additive such as polymer and anti-foam with the best quality
مواد تصفیه روغن

Oil refining material

Material requirements to refine a variety of oils such as carbonate calcium and fabric filter
دستگاه های تولید

Production machine

Oil production machines with the latest technology in the world
دستگاه خط پر کن

Line filling machine

Line filling machines with the latest technology in the industrialized countries of the world
دستگاه های آزمایشگاه

Lab machine

Equipment required for lavatories of oil production companies and oil accessories


Production and printing of hand and machines labels with very high quality

Carton Box

Production of ordinary cartons and quality laminated cartons in different sizes
مواد شیمیایی

Chemical material

Fresh and impurity- free chemicals such as activated carbon and caustic soda
مواد پتروشیمی

Petrochemical material

Sale of requirement petrochemical for chemical, polymer and plastic products